Board: Recommended Thailand Souvenirs

Recommended Thailand Souvenirs

If you travel to Thailand, you can find 7-Eleven every community or every road. It is convenient store that very easy to find and buy everything.

When you stay at Big Smile Hostel,  you can walk by 2 minutes to 7-Eleven and Tesco-Lotus Express.

Below is our recommend items from us

1.) Instant Noddle

Price 6-8 Baht/pack , 10-13 Baht/Cup

2.) Thai Inhaler

Price 20-100Baht

3.) Seaweed

Price 5-60 Baht

4.) Milk Tablets

Price 5-20 Baht

5.) Elephant Trousers

Price 99-250 Baht

Location: Big Smile Hostel and Night Market

6.) PRETZ (Bread Stick)

Price 15 Baht

Recommend: Larb Flavour

Location: Big Smile Hostel

7.) Bento Squid Snack

Price 5-20 Baht

8.) Dried Durian

Price 120 Baht at 7-Eleven

Thank you for your reading. Let’s go for shopping  😀

Board: about Valentine’s day

Our Board this February: about Valentine’s day

In this February month, It full of Love, pink and flowers. 

We choose how to say Love in many languages, it’s the same meaning “I LOVE YOU”

  • Thai – ฉันรักคุณ
  • Laos – ຂ້ອຍຮັກເຈົ້າ 
  • Vietnam – Anh yêu em 
                         – Em yêu Anh 
  • China – 我愛你 
  • Japan – あいしてる 
  • Korea – 사랑해요 
  • Sweden- Jag älskar dig
  • German – Ich Liebe Dich
  • French  – Je t’aime 
  • Italy – Ti amo 
  • Norway – Jeg Elsker Deg 
  • Spain – Te amo
  • Malaysia – Saya cintamu