Rainy Season

Rainy season in Thailand varies from region to region. It starts in June until the end of October. Everyday could be a rainy day, but sometimes it is only raining for a few minutes.

The average temperature is 23-36 degree Celsius.

Where you should visit during rainy season?

  1. Chiangrai

You can feel slow and peace life with the greenest time of year.

2. Petchabun

Petchabun has cool temperature with sea of fog. It’s a romantic place to drink some coffee in the morning among those fog.

3. Phitsanulok

There are many activities to thrill adrenaline junkies.

4. Koh Tao 

For those eho want to go to the island, you can be there! Rainy and heavy storms don’t last longer than 2 hours.

5. Bangkok

There are museums, cafes, shopping malls open all year round. Rainy season isn’t effect to those places except transportation. Some part of Bangkok is flooded.


  1. Check the weather before going out.
  2. Be careful when you walk on footpath. It might be waterlogged.
  3. Protect your stuff.
  4. We cannot control weather, so be ready for any situation that might be happen.