10 Things Do and Don’t in Bangkok

10 Things Do and Don’t in Bangkok

Because of the different culture. What to do is important in each place and below is some guide to do and not to do in Bangkok.

Things guide to do
  • 1. Hang out at Khao San Road

Khao San Road is an interesting area. This street has full of things to do. There are accommodation, drinks, food, massage and don’t forget to try bugs – it sound weird but you will love it for sure.

  • 2. Street food in China town

Chinatown or local people called “Yaowarat” is famous about street food and indoor restaurant.

  • 3. Visit Wat Phra Kaew & Grand Palace

This place is the biggest tourist attraction. Both have historical significance and extremely beautiful places to see.

  • 4. Shopping at IconSiam

Iconsiam is new landmark of Bangkok. Located close Chao Phraya River. You can take boat along the main river to Iconsiam.

  • 5. Take a Tuk-Tuk

Take an adventure by catching a Thai style tuk-tuk from place to place.

Things Not to do
  • 6.Don’t keep your shoes on

While you entering someone’s house or temple you must take your shoes off

  • 7. Don’t take your cloths off

Thailand has warm and hot climate but there is not acceptable to remove the clothes in public.

  • 8. Not to touch Thai’s head

Do not touch a Thai person’s head because it’s very disrespectful. As Thais see that the head is the highest part of the body.

  • 9. Don’t whistle at night

Thais are very superstitious and believe that whistling at night is bad luck because you’re calling the evil spirits.

  • 10. If a taxi’s meter isn’t set, don’t get in

This is very important for foreigners because you may have to pay over the normal price.

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